Mustard and pickles please...

We love burgers, we love fries, and we love eating out on the cheap!! :) It's fun and usually fairly cheap to eat a burger, so we like finding new places that have good eats for a wallet friendly price. And boy do we like burgers! I always order mine with mustard and pickles...no cheese or ketchup, thank you. Landon prefers ketchup and pickles and absolutely hates mustard, which works out quite well for us.

So, we are in the process of finding some good burgers around Indy. We have the usuals: Dairy Queen, and Steak N' Shake. Both excellent cheap choices.

But we've found some nice specialty burger joints recently that are delish as well.

96th Street Steakburgers is a local place we ate at last month. We actually ate at the 96th street location too. Very good!

On Friday night, we ate at Johnny Rockets. We hadn't ever been there before, but loved the place. It's a little more pricey, but the food was so good. We got a milkshake to share too...a real strawberry milkshake. The decor was vinatge 50s feel with mini juke boxes at the booths where you could pick a song for 5 cents.

And our hunt for good burgers will continue. We'll probably head down to Broad Ripple and see if they've got anything to offer. I'm betting they will.



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Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to Five Guys? It's really good burgers. We should go sometime!

Leah said...

Yes! We went once in Cleveland and loved it! There's one right down the street from us...let's go next time you're in Indy. :)


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