Warm nights

Well it's still technically spring but lately it's felt like summer! We've already been to our pool, gotten some sun, and have still stubbornly refused to turn our air conditioner on. Seriously neighbors...it's only 85 degrees out, save yourself some money, turn a fan on and open your windows at night.

Landon and I went out for a coffee date at Starbucks. It's nice to have so many coffee shops so close by, but we wish they weren't all Starbucks! I really miss going to the Nervous Dog coffee bar in Akron and I wish we had more small time joints around here. Oh well.

Tonight was nice because we sat outside listening to Frank Sinatra, Billy Holiday, and drinking in the cool night breeze. We both got Caramel Macchiatos with soy milk and they were so delicious and refreshing. Plus we got some real quality talking time which I love so dearly. There was a storm brewing distantly too and we saw a lot of lightning...I love storms. I miss living in Kansas sometimes because of all the heat lightning and watching storms roll in from 40 miles away. Also, for those of you who think the Midwest is lame, our pastor said on Sunday that Indiana has consistently placed in the top 5 most beautiful sunsets states in the US! Oh Indiana, you're so full of surprises.

Here's to a long summer of warm nights and coffee dates with my Schatz.



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Mom R said...

Had some time on this lazy Saturday afternoon, so catching up on your doins'. So refreshing to read your blog entries, Leah! Love the creativity and enthusiasm for life! Keeping you and Landon in our prayers. We love you! Aunt Eileen (Rife)


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