Manly Man

My husband is amazing. Simple, loving, forgiving, godly, gentlemanly, solid.......I could go on and on. I am so lucky to be married to Landon and for all he is teaching me. Marriage is not easy...it's a relationship that constantly needs work and perfecting. I am challenged so much with my attitudes, and Landon is so patient with me.

I am so tired of the modern woman's attitude towards men...a lot of times they make men out to be big dumb oafs that only care about physical stuff and video games. They undermine man's god-given design to be protectors and leaders and cripple men's desire to be that godly man. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in Landon being head of the home...this doesn't mean I am lower than him or unimportant in our relationship, but I have a different role. It is so wonderful and amazing to see a man carrying out his God-given role...he is like a captain of an army who is the leader of his troop. He has an important job of leading, protecting, and fighting right along side of his men. It is such an honor for me, as a wife, to work in a complimentary way with Landon. I am his helpmeet, and my job is to support him and assist him any way I can. I love that!

This picture just reminded me of my amazing husband who is always so good to me. I feel safe and protected with him, and God has shown me a lot of His own characteristics through Landon. So here's to manly men who aren't afraid to be what God intended them to be, and for wives who appreciate and respect that...I'm preaching at myself on this. :)

Just some thoughts for your brain to chew on.



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