I'm so excited for some new art we ordered for our apartment. The walls are so white and blank in here! We don't like cluttered and busy looking walls, rather some carefully chosen pieces with meaning and just-so placement.

The space above our bed definitely needed some color and we've been looking around for just the right piece. I studied art in college, so I pulled out my Gardener's History of Art, and found one of my all-time favorite paintings. The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt was the one! The painting is so beautiful and tender, and the colors are so rich and vivid...just perfect for our bedroom.

Then, we found a gorgeous Van Gogh painting, Blossoming Almond Tree, that will go in our living room. We love the tealish blue color and it will go nicely with our curtains and chair that we already have.

I can't wait to get the prints and have them framed...now for some good frame hunting.

Ah, I love art. Someday when we have a house, I'll have room to put up all my work from college and my senior art show, and maybe I'll even have my own studio room...that would be amazing.

Today I am thankful for:

*a wonderful run on the Monon trail
*having coffee with my lover
*a cloudless evening...so beautiful
*getting to talk on the phone with both of my brothers, Ezrah and Jonah
*God's faithfulness and knowing that He is completely involved and in control of my life

Have a wonderful day...the weekend is almost here!



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Josie Beck said...

Eeek if you don't like cluttered walls you will probably hate our house!!! Our whole house is modge podge mix and match with no rhyme or reason and stuff all over the walls! Hahaha. But it's all special stuff to us so we love it. I would like to minimize at some point, and our space is super small. Seriously like 3/4 of our house is kitchen! hahah!
I definitely appreciate and like other design styles as well though! I really do appreciate going into a house that is nice and bare and simple with a well placed piece of art. I think you chose some great ones! We had a t-shirt at Delia's last year that had "The Kiss" on it and I'm kicking myself for not buying it with my discount. Sweet painting.
See you so soooooooon!!!!

Leah Rife said...

Well for some reason, I love walking into places that have tons of things on their walls...it's so interesting and keeps me busy looking around. I just couldn't have that in our own house because it would drive me nuts. :) Who knows though...if we keep collecting things that are special, we may just end up with busy (although very organized) walls. :) It's like your own personal exhibit in your home...tells a story.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing.


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