Sushi and Friends

We had a wonderful evening on July 3 up at my sister and brother-in-law's place in Syracuse. They threw the most unbelievable Sushi party ever. We ate under lights and the gorgeous evening sky on their pier on the lake. The food was delicious and the details were amazing! We had mojitos, Izze juice drinks, 5 kinds of sushi rolls, a bunch of wonderful sides, and homemade summer cupcakes. I'm pretty sure we were eating for a couple of hours...I love extended and laid back dinners with good friends. Landon and I even got up and danced to some big band.
Along with Hannah and Jon, we had Landon's brother Benjamin, and our good friends Casey, Kyle, Josie and BJ.
Here are some images for you to enjoy.
Here's to throwing an amazing party just because!



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Anonymous said...

So sad I couldn't be there:( Love the pictures!


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