Here are some recent designs I've worked on. I decided to make some decorative wedding "certificates" for the two weddings we attended in July. I was sort of inspired by some of the old embroidered ones I've seen in my Grandma's house and my mother-in-law's house. I love the idea of remembering such an important day through decor. They were printed on watercolor paper to give a bit of texture.

A card I made to go with our gifts.

And I'm currently working on a business card design for my brother Ezrah. He's working as a pedicab driver in Denver and wanted some catchy cards to get into people's wallets. He's kind of a vintage guy, so I went with some vintage inspired colors and fonts. He said the mock up looked legit, so I think we're on the right track. Slogan is courtesy of my sister Hannah..she's pretty quick on the draw.

Saying goodbye to Ezrah at the airport on Wednesday.

Now for a lazy Saturday with my boy...



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Hannah said...

You're SO talented! These are amazing. I'm sure the couples loved and will treasure your creative gifts. LOVE the business card for Eddy. Look at him getting all professional on us. :)


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