Tonight I am thankful for...

*an amazing husband who never complains (and I mean never)
*a wonderful family
*scoop chips and leftover dip
*seeing some great friends again
*my bed
*getting to sleep with my lover in our bed
*a relaxing weekend
*knowing God has the best intention towards me and I can give things over to Him
*hearing Daniel play the accordion
*being a part of a church that genuinely cares about people
*my fan so I can go to sleep with my lover in our bed

Goodnight to you all....sweet dreams and have a great start of your week tomorrow.


1 comment:

Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Hi Leah! Didn't realize until yesterday that you have a blog. It will be fun to keep up with you guys this way!

Oh, and I couldn't help but smile about your "husband that never complains." You're right!! I don't think he has EVER complained about ANYthing! You've got a good man there, but I know you know that. =)

Love, Rachel


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