Sweet Things

Landon surprised me the other night with a red rose, chocolates, and a sweet note...he also had picked up the apartment and had music playing and a candle lit.  What a sweetie boy I have.  The chocolates were amazing, and now I get to use the box for my sewing stuff just like my grandma. Ahhh, I love Landon so much.

So Landon and I tried our hands at making chocolate croissants from scratch.  This was a long process, but not too hard and definitely worth it in the end.  I found the recipe on this blog and just followed the directions.  We played some French cafĂ© music and had a ton of fun together.
Also, before we put in the chocolate and rolled the pieces up, we stretched them out a bit...I don't know if it helped, but I saw it on the movie It's Complicated and I figured we'd try.  Try this recipe out sometime when you have a few hours to kill...you'll be glad you did!

This is kind of what I envisioned when Landon and I were eating.  We may have each eaten 4 each that night.....oops.

Have a lovely and happy September 1st my dear friends.

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