Ah, September is finally here, and with it the realization that Fall is very close!  Today is a gorgeous day...no humidity and absolutely spectacular.  We are definitely looking forward to a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend and home.  I have no idea what we're going to do, but I like it that way.  Wide open...

Landon's work is going well.  He went on a golf outing with his office a few weeks back.  I think he had a lot of fun and he's getting to know the guys a lot better.  I think God put him with some really neat people...talkative, not talkative, weird, kind of different, but cool.  Sometime's I'll take Landon a coffee if I have time before work and it's fun to see him in his work environment.  He has the most neat and precisely kept desk I have ever seen.  Plus, he gets to work on some really cool towers.  One that he worked on a while ago was right on Mt. Hood in Oregon...haha, I looked at the aerial map and realized we had hiked right where the tower was when I lived in Oregon for a few months.  So funny.

My work is going a lot better.  These past few weeks I've been let off early, so I get to come home and spend the evening with Landon...so nice.  We've been trying to go on a long walk every night and it's been so great.  We talk the whole time and get to think about our future and big decisions coming up and just be together.

We have also joined a brand new small group for married couples through our church.  I am so excited about this group.  Everyone is awesome and we all really connect well.  Hopefully work won't interfere with me going because I really want some mature and encouraging relationships in my life here in Indy.

So we have been married for 11 months today!  I am so excited for our 1st anniversary.  God has been so good and faithful to us this past year.  I have been with my best friend and lover almost every day and we've been through some good times and some rough, but it's been amazing.  I can't wait to see what happens next year...some great things I think.

Today I feel so refreshed and blessed.  I realize that there is really nothing I can or should complain about.  God is totally in control and if I am having a rough time, He wants me to draw close to Him...He loves that time where I need Him so desperately.  I want to learn how to bear all things with grace.  I don't want to just live my life and take for granted God's love for me.  I have life, I have an amazing husband, I have family and friends, I have music, art, and beauty all around me, I have talents God wants me to use, I have a home, I have the ability to love...I have so much!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a great start to this holiday weekend. Take a moment and just relax....don't rush or fret, just be still and drink in this day.


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