once upon a fall day...

Yesterday we went to a local orchard with some friends from our church. We had a ton of fun picking and eating apples, selecting some nice little pumpkins, visiting, and buying some fresh cider.  I made a pumpkin pie with one pumpkin today, and I'm going to use another one for dinner in a pumpkin some night soon.

It was super warm outside...not the cool weather I would have preferred.  I'm not surprised with the weather though since it changes so quickly here in Indiana.

One couple brought their sweet baby girl who is only a few months old.  She was so alert and loved looking at the trees and apples.  Precious!

Landon and I felt so at home getting out of the city an into the country.  We both grew up in the country and it feels so good to go back.  I just felt like I could breathe!  I like the city sometimes, but the country is so much more relaxing.  We passed a combine on the road and none of the city folks in front of us quite knew what to do.  We just passed him and waved. :)  I was like "ahh, this feels like home."
(Don't get me wrong, I love the city...it's so convenient and everything is so close!  But we won't be here forever and I love our roots.)

I made the pie this afternoon, I've got homemade chili simmering on the stove, and I'll be roasting some pumpkin seeds later.  Now, I'm just relaxing with Landon and watching some good football.

Have a beautiful evening!


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Cole said...

Thanks for the comment on my post! You definitely should have said hi! I've never met any blog friends in real life.
I absolutely love the anniversary shoot that you did with Janie, they are wonderful & I hope you treasure them!


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