I wish I was more productive.
I wish we had our future figured out, then I wouldn't have to worry sometimes.
I don't like money because I start feeling like I need more of it.
I have had this headache for 15 hours and I'm tired of it...and tired of getting headaches.


Things do get done...even washing the dishes and brushing my teeth counts.
If I worry about my future, how can I enjoy our life here?
I don't need more money because we are already wealthy compared to most of the world.
I still don't like this headache, but I get a chance to rest and be still and think through things.

Ok, so things aren't as bad as I imagine them sometimes.

I made pumpkin pie last night and it was so yummy... (I ate two pieces.)


Ron & Cathy said...

Always the artist.....great looking pie :)
Your cabin looked so charming and homey. I'm sure you had an awesome time. WOW! One year!

Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Exactly what I was thinking - always the artist. =) I don't comment very often (mainly because my hands are usually full of little people!), but I love reading your blog. As I get to "know" you a bit better through your blog, I am more and more thankful that Landon has you for his wife! Glad you are part of our family, Mrs. Rife!


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