good morning friends!
today is beautiful, i got to wake up next to my best friend who i love so much.
i get time off of work to be productive (that is my goal) and make our home neat and inviting.
later, i get to make a cup of steaming and delicious hot tea and savor the flavor.
there is time set aside today that i can read and study my bible which i need to do more of each day.
the overcast sky makes me feel cozy when i am inside and gives me a chance to wear a scarf when i'm out.
later tonight, my dear friend who i like to think of as my little sister is coming to visit for the weekend.
we'll get to have really good talks and be real with one another....something i treasure in my close friends.

what a beautiful day!

i hope you all have a wonderful day as well...slow down and have something hot to drink and read your favorite book for awhile.


1 comment:

Blossoming Branches said...

I love this.
You remind me to take joy in the simple things that God blesses us with :)


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