ten speed love

Oh how I wish we could live in a place where I could literally ride a bike everywhere....to work, to the coffeehouse, to the grocery.  How amazing would that be?  I could get an old ten speed on sale and refurbish it, then fit it with this amazing bicycle pannier from Etsy.



I once took a quiz to see what European city I belonged in, and my result said Amsterdam.  Now I'm not one for believing online quizzes, but my bike plan would work out perfectly in that city.  I've never been to Amsterdam, but I'd love to go someday.

This weekend has been full of fun and friends...so nice.  My dear friend Ballard stayed with us from Thursday to Saturday and we took in a comedy club, the Flying Cupcake, Monon Coffee Co., and relaxing movie and needlework time.  Then we met up with my sister and her husband and two other college friends and spent yesterday having gourmet pizza, half-priced Starbucks, and shopping at the great malls around here.  I bought a bikini for our trip that was tagged at $6.99 for each piece, but rang up for $0.99 each at the register!!  I got it for $2.  I'm extremely pleased. Can't wait to go swimming in the warm ocean with it!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday afternoon and spend it seeing or talking to someone you love.


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