goodbye soy cappuccino

i finally finished my little owl the other day.  i took a couple days break, then started on another creature...a whale this time.  i love learning embroidery.  i'm getting a good amount of projects done for my etsy shop.  my goal is to get one up and running by the end of this year.  i think it can happen and it makes me so happy.

we had fun spending the afternoon and evening with Landon's family yesterday here at our apartment.  we watched football, had good conversation, and ate some tasty food.  Landon and his dad are both die hard Cowboys fans, yes even this season, so it was awesome to watch the Cowboys win a great game and see Landon get so excited.  there's nothing like good football...i seriously love watching it, been watching ever since i was a little girl.  and since i understand the rules and the play of the game, it makes it even more enjoyable.

my plate is getting full of graphics projects, home projects, and christmas projects lately, but i am having so much fun.  if this is what i could do every day for a real job and stay at home making and creating, i'd be set.

today, Landon and i are going to sign up for a gym membership.  we've been talking about it, and went to look at one the other day.  it was a really great looking gym and they even offer free yoga classes which i really want to try.  we decided that we are going to stop going to Starbucks on coffee dates, and that will basically pay for our membership.  so goodbye my delicious drinks, hello healthy body.  it's really bittersweet for me. :)  but Landon said we can go out for Starbucks once a month, so really it's going to be fine.  we have been working on making healthier changes in our lifestyle, and this is just the next step.

have a great monday!



Anna Walker said...

Aw wow. I'm sorry :/
Figure out how to make your drink yourself?
Snag some free coffee from the gym!
I am jealous that they have free yoga classes for you!
I use the gym in my apartment building.


Jodi said...

Your owl is adorable! I love how he's peaking over his shoulder as if he caught someone sneaking up on him. You are incredibly creative and yes, I'm jealous. ;)

Sounds like you are in a really happy place and it makes my heart glad.

Have a good day!


Blossoming Branches said...

What a sweet nocturnal creature


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