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So I've continually struggled with finding a face cleansing regimen that truly has worked....soft skin, clear skin, moisturized skin, clear pores, and no tightness or dry spots.  I ran through multiple brands, tried different methods, and spent lots of money on products that, inevitably, didn't work.  It's like my skin would be great after the first few uses, then slowly stop responding to the cleanser.  So frustrating.

Well, I'm so happy because I have found something that really does work!  I stumbled across this article on natural face cleansing and instantly got excited.  This oil cleansing method uses two natural ingredients: castor oil, and extra virgin olive oil.  That's it!

To make your cleanser, just add the two oils together in a container (I did a 1 part castor oil to 2 parts olive oil).

Then, apply a quarter-size amount to your dry face, rubbing it in for about 1 minute.

Take a washcloth and wet it under very hot water.  Squeeze it out a bit, then lay over your face and let it cool down, about 1 minute.  I repeat this, then I just wipe off my face making sure to rub around my nose and chin where my pores seem to build up the most.  If my skin feels a tad dry, I just add a teeny amount of olive oil and rub it in.  I was amazed at how bright smooth my skin was, and how it didn't feel greasy at all.  Landon has even noticed!

I still use my make up removing cream before washing my face, otherwise my eye lashes seem a bit greasy and my mascara will smear.  But other than that, I just wash my face once a night and rinse my face in the morning.  This method is cheap in the long run, and natural to beat.  I bought the oils from Whole Foods for about $5 each, and they will probably last me over a year, maybe longer.

Take time to read the article since it will explain this in a lot more detail.  Have fun!


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Natalie said...

Awesome, I'm going to try this!


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