holiday love

highlights of thanksgiving =

*landon's whole family + my parents
*amazing food
*lots of hot tea, hot chocolate, and hot cider
*making music with the family and with daniel's crazy collection of instruments
*settlers of catan!
*pumpkin pie
*family pictures
*my momma's birthday celebration
*christmas tree hunting and cutting
*fixing a ton of christmas lights
*watching landon and benjamin attempt (and succeed) at christmas light surgery
*snuggling with landon
*warm fire
*amazing moon at night
*being in the country again where i belong
*relaxing with some of the coolest people i know

i love our families and how much we have been blessed.  it was a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.


1 comment:

Ron & Cathy said...

How fun to see your pictures and re-live the wonderful days of Thanksgiving. Our family is the dearest blessing to us. We love you!


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