o christmas tree


i think Landon and i are going to get a christmas tree tonight!  this will actually be our first christmas tree as a married couple since we didn't get one last year.  i'm pretty excited!

it was a bit tough getting back into the work week yesterday after having time off, but it's good to be back on a schedule.  i'm trying to be productive today.

we are getting so excited for our jamaica trip...we're leaving this saturday and i cannot wait!  i want to pack now because somehow i feel like that would make saturday come more quickly.

i'm floating blissfully today because i might have a possible dream job opportunity to start next spring.  Landon and i are still thinking over it, but it just came out of the blue and seems like it would be perfect timing.  i'm constantly amazed at how God seems to give us what we need at the perfect moment...not to soon and not too late.

well it's cloudy outside, but our home is warm and we are content.  i'm so thankful for today and the chance to catch up on projects.

have a wonderful day!



Ron & Cathy said...

Leah, are you at liberty to say what this dream job is???
I'm so curious! And God IS always working in our lives...if you have the eyes to see it - and you do!

Ballard said...

That is so excited leah about the job opportunity. I would love to hear all about it. : )


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