7 Things About Growing Up...

I was tagged by Katie over at Running With Happiness with 7 things.  Here I go!

1.  For one summer I was a clown to help out my aunt who did it as a business...my name was Sue Z. Cue and I was a horrible clown.  Just too shy to crack those cheesy jokes while tying animal balloons.

2.  Once, my grandpa took me fishing and I managed to get my line wrapped all around him and caught on the back of his shirt.  Bless his heart.

3. My sister and brothers and I used to play in the ditches after it rained (we lived in Kansas when I was little) because they filled up with mud from the dirt roads.  We would smear ourselves from head to toe and declare ourselves jelly people.

4.  My sister and I would set up a lemonade stand alongside our road (in Kansas) and sell lemonade to the farmers driving by in their combines.  Yes, they would literally park their combine, climb down, and pay 25 cents for a small cup of lukewarm lemonade.  We were so proud of ourselves.

5.  When I was pretty young, I was accidentally poked in the corner of my eye with the sharp end of scissors.  My mom rushed me to the doctor and he said I was lucky the scissors hit where they did.  I have never had any problems.

6. I took ballet when I was 5 and loved performing in my red tutu.  I still have my first slippers and can't believe how tiny my feet used to be.

7. Growing up, I would enter all kinds of art contests at our little tiny library.  I would constantly be drawing and making art.  Now I'm grown and I still love art, majored in it in college, and I'm making it my career!

Now I'll tag these fellow bloggers and see if they play along just for fun!  Alyssa, Nicole, Natalie, Alla, Kristen, and Renee.



Hannah H. said...

Love it! Some of these had me literally laughing out loud :)

Blossoming Branches said...

I love hearing childhood stories

Natalie said...

This is adorable, love the ballet picture!

Kristen said...

aw you were so cute! i'll definitely play along, check it out tomorrow :)

Cole said...

I saw this series on another blog & loved it, I'll have to think of some things for my own!

Alyssa Curfman said...

So fun! Love it!

Alyssa said...

this list is absolutely brilliant!!

Thats brilliant you were a clown, even if it was short lived and a bit of a fail - thats a great story for when you are old :)

My name is Renée. said...

Aw thanks for tagging me! Love your 7 things, the lemonade story is brilliant!

{av} said...

So glad I found you through Kristen :) loved this post (especially the story about the lemonade! hilarious!) loving your blog too! can't wait to read more from you! xoxo {av}


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