i love this picture...the couple looks so carefree.  landon and i need to dress this cool sometime.

today i have the day off!  it's snowing outside and i think i'll venture out.  maybe go get some tea or coffee, read, work on art projects, do some more organizing.  oh, and i'm getting a hankering for some ebony and ivory cupcakes from The Flying Cupcake bakery.  their cupcakes are legit.

i'm almost finished with the book i'm currently reading.  does anyone have a good book recommendation? i need a good one to start next...

hope you all enjoy this fine winter day.




E-Z E said...

My suggestion for a book is Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff!
You can see how amazing Cleopatra was, and find out how our "stereotype" of her is completely false...it's kinda funny and somewhat genius how the Roman's propaganda against Cleopatra still withstands for thousands of years into our modern era!!! haha

Hannah H. said...

Ezrah's book sounds amazing! Jonah and I recommend Intensity by Dean Koontz. It's one of those "you can't put down" books that is fast paced the entire time. The title says it all. :)

Cole said...

I love that picture!
I keep an ongoing list of the books I'm reading Some of them are better than others but I'd recommend all of them! http://adventuresinloveandhappiness.blogspot.com/p/what-im-reading.html


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