fun and cheery swap...

i'm so excited to be participating in the "DEFEAT THE XMAS BLUES SWAP" hosted by Alyssa over at Just Putting It Out There.
here's the link to the swap form if you want to join!
i'm so excited!  i'll be paired up with another participant and i'll send a package with three things: something for good luck in 2011, a tasty treat, and something i love or one of my favorite things.
then i'll get a package back.
this will be so much fun and definitely cheer up this bleak time of year.


Alyssa Curfman said...

Leah, I took almost this exact picture in Holland, MI! Its almost identical. So funny!

Katie said...

Thanks to your link on this swap. I just checked it out and signed up! It sounds like fun.

visit http://runningonhappiness.blogspot.com/


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