tasty brunch

my sister Hannah, and my brother Jonah are coming to visit for a few days.
i was thinking about maybe having brunch on Saturday morning, and started looking up some good recipes.

these all look good, how can i choose?

herb-filled omelet recipe

coconut-pineapple loaf cake recipe

corned beef and root vegetable hash recipe
bacon with citrus glaze recipe

banana-nut french toast recipe

i guess we'll just have to have them all right?  maybe not.
the banana-nut french toast and bacon look pretty tasty to me though.



Ballard said...

Please make all those goodies when I come visit!

Alexis Campbell said...

oh my gosh coconute-pineapple loaf cake & banana-nut french toast!? yumm <3

i wish i was your brother and sister hehe :)


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