what i have to say...


things i want to say to three different people right now...

*you are my best friend and i love you more than i could ever say.  you are so calm and patient. i rely on you so much and i value your thoughts of me more than anyone else's.  i love you.

*you have been the best girlfriend i could ever have asked for.  thank you for making me laugh so hard, and for letting me bawl my eyes out on the phone even though you can't understand what i'm saying.  you are so beautiful and i can see you for who you are...genuine and real, which is the one thing i value most in relationships.

*i love you so much and i miss you a lot.  i wish you could have seen me grow up into a woman.  i wish you could have seen me marry my best friend.  i wish i could still go shopping with you for pretty dresses and that we could watch jaws together and be scared together.  you are the most gracious and tender person i have ever known.  i still think about you all the time and cry when i do.  you are missed deeply.

four things about me...

*i am emotional and sensitive...i can cry so easily.  this can be good or bad sometimes.
*i love it when someone plays with my hair.  it is the most relaxing feeling on earth.
*it doesn't matter what people think of me anymore.  i am comfortable with who i am and how i was created.
*bill murray is my all-time favorite actor.  i wish we were on a bowling team together.

three things that cross my mind a lot...

*where we want to move to...the list is getting long.
*if i'm being thankful or complaining too much.

two things i wish i'd never done...

*stopped wearing my retainers.
*drank that awful mixture at the fear factor competition in college.

one thing to win my heart...

*be real and genuine.



Janie:) said...

i like you.

Ballard said...

Leah....Thank you for being so real. I love what you wrote. You are amazing!


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