today I am thankful for...

*the amazing funny black glasses i borrowed from Benjamin for the Christmas talent show.  (i really need to give those back to him...)

*the ability to laugh.  what would the world look like if no one knew how to laugh?

*MGMT pandora station.  if i had a party in my house right now, i'd be playing Mike Snow, Vampire Weekend, Modest Mouse, and tons of other amazing tunes.

*photoshop...oh how i love you even though you keep me up into the wee hours of the night experimenting.

*being silly with Landon....i may have been roaring like a lion/T rex last night while he was trying to tickle me.

*my wonderful family!  i get to go out for lunch with my brothers and my parents today!

*Three words: Settlers of Catan

*realizing my mad face actually looks like my serious face!!  now I can change my serious face to look more pleasant, or, just be glad people won't know when I'm mad.

*greek yogurt

*sweet beats

*a clean apartment

*finishing the book I'm borrowing, which may also have kept me up into the wee hours of the night.

*knowing I am loved more than I could ever love, and I am forgiven more than I could ever forgive.

*having the best husband in the world!

Have a great day my dear friends!



Keri said...

I am definitely thankful for your blog and how it's introduced me to Mumford & Sons and Frightened Rabbit. I just love love love music like this!

Thank you!!

Alexis Campbell said...

I absolutely love your blog, your photos, this post and your list of things you're thankful. I'm excited that I found your blog! :) Can't wait to read more!



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