leah vs. the organizationator




One of my goals this new year is to get super organized and have in our home only the things that we really need.  A problem with this is that I tend to buy things on a whim and don't stop to think if it will really come in useful in our small space.  My dream is to have a simple, functional, small home, with thoughtfully placed decor and belongings.

My in-laws got me the book Organized Simplicity for Christmas, and it is already proving a worthy read with tons of wonderful examples of how to get organized.  I think it's going to be more of a lifestyle change rather than a bunch of items on a list I need to check through.

I also found this great article on Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest section which gives some good advice on how to buy only what you need.  (It's pretty much like a motivational speech to a soldier before heading off into the battle of the materialistic war-zone....ok maybe not that drastic, but it's a real pump up!)

What are your favorite tricks to staying organized, or how do you determine what to get rid of?
That's the hardest part for me....getting rid of stuff.  I am such a clinger.

Here's to hoping I can get organized and breathe a little easier.


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