We took these fun pictures last year and it made me smile to find them today.

Today, I'm thankful for a lot:

*My amazing husband who always encourages me and loves me more than I deserve.

*A warm home that keeps the wind out.

*An awesome maintenance guy at our apartment complex who scraped off all the car windshields this morning.

*Getting to head to Goshen to start my training for an awesome new photo editing job!  I'm determined to get up there even with this crazy weather. :)

*The free time I have to read...I have been reading a ton lately, and it has been so nice.

*Phil (the groundhog) didn't see his shadow!  So we have an early spring coming...if you can imagine that with all this snow right now.  Yes!

*I'm just so happy today!!

I hope you all have a happy groundhog day and can stay warm...unless you're lucky enough to live in a warm and mild climate and don't have to fight the ice and snow.
I'll be gone for a few days training, so I'll see you back here later this week!



Krystal said...

You guys are such a beautiful couple, those pictures are so priceless :)

Cassandra said...

These photos are perfect! You guys looks great together. :) I especially love your hair and the vintage feel to them!

Cole said...

Such cute photos!
Congrats on starting your training this weekend! Get to work on our wedding photos-haha :)

Juan Cuatrecasas Asua said...

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I hope you would see mine too.
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Blossoming Branches said...

So lovely! You guys make the perfect vintage pair :)

Antoinette said...

These photos are absolutely stunning. You look like you could be an old Hollywood movie star! What a adorable couple you make.



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