moving on...


This is what Landon and I feel like today. I wish I could say we're sore and tired because we're super spies instead of sore from lifting boxes and tired from staying up late.  I have had fights with packing tape, boxes, dust, broken a dish, cut my finger, and terminated a ton a old stuff we don't use.  I'm ready to be done.

Today we officially get our condo!  I'm picking up the keys this morning.  We are SO excited and feel extremely blessed to have this place.  Many memories will be made this next year, I guarantee you.

I'll see you all next week.  My mom and I will be unpacking and we won't have internet until Wednesday.  I'm pretty excited about that, I actually need a break from the web world for awhile.  I'll  be back with pictures and tales of our new place.
Thank you for all your encouraging words!
Have a wonderful weekend!




Krystal said...

Yay have fun!!!!

Hannah H. said...

The fights will all be worth it in the end! Can't wait to have you all settled in the new place...and starting to make those many memories! :)

Renée said...

Good luck!!

Cole said...

Good luck moving! I can't wait to see your new place!


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