Dream Destination...

One of my dreams is to visit Morocco.  I think it looks so beautiful and spicy and bright.  Wouldn't it be amazing to travel across the world to Africa and explore an entirely different culture?  I would love it!  Then, I could just hop on over to the Rock of Gibraltar and Spain, right?

I was having coffee with a good friend on Sunday, and we were talking about travel, money, moving, and life.  She said something to me that she had read in an article once, "People who spend their money on experiences rather than things are usually happier."  She and another friend planned, in only a few days, a spur of the moment trip to the West Coast and are really taking that to heart.  I love that quote and  have thought of it often since Sunday.  Why not settle for a small, modest home with just the things you need and spend your extra time and money on travel and experience?
That's what Landon and I are hoping to do.

Where would you love to visit outside of your home country?

Have a wonderful Thursday friends!


ps.  Would Hannah, Michelle, Stace, Elly, and Dulci please e-mail me your addresses?  Thanks for participating in Pay it Forward.  I'll be getting ready to send out your handmade items!

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Jon said...

This is so good! I totally agree and try to accomplish this in my own life. Be prepared for those who do not understand and label you as "irresponsible"...and don't listen to them! Secretly they wish they could live that way too! :)

Hannah H. said...

I completely agree with Jon!

Leah Rife said...

Thanks guys! We thoroughly enjoy having you as travel buddies. Let's do it more often. :)

michelle said...

I love that quote! My fiance and I live by the same thing, or try to at least :)

So funny you wrote about Morocco, I was just thinking a few hours ago how much I would LOVE to go there!

janie said...

this has been john and i's motto for quite some time now... and we r finally getting to a place sooner where it can really take off :):):):):) it just makes sense.
when i first got married... i thought i had to be a homemaker wife.. decorating the home.. cooking... then i got bored with that and went shopping for clothes....and more decor. lol end product.. a lot of crap we dont need.. almost of the stuff we have in our house now.. is from that time.. and ive gotten rid of A LOT ... also having a big garage sale this spring..WOO! so theres more to boot. all of our money the place 4 years has been to the biz. 2011 is john and i's rest year. which im so happy about. its almost a celebration year for him and i. (help from a mrs leah :) ANYWAYS...lol the point is... its just stuff man.. really.. just stuff. you can't take it with you... but you can take experiences.. i want to see everything! :)

stace said...

right on.

Krystal said...

morocco always has such an enticing air to it...


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