catch up...

Hey friends!  I'm so sorry to be silent for so long.  These past couple months have been a much-needed break for me from the blogging/internet world.  I find that life slows down a bit when I'm not concerned about updating statuses or taking a picture of my lunch so I can write about it later. :)
I want to savor life and make the most of each day.  I love blogging, and I hope to get some regular posts in now, but I'm not wanting to let it control my free time.  Maybe I'll post some more thoughtful things, and let the fluff posts be.

 Also, some big news!  I quit my nanny job and am officially done working outside the home for a good while.  The photo editing job will start up soon, and I can do that from home and make my own hours. (*fist pump*)

Anyway, here's some photo catch ups for you...a little slice of what we've been up to these past few months.  I hope you all are enjoying spring and the warm weather!

We love our fireplace in this new condo!

Lunch out with Landon.

Staining our chairs from Ikea.

Lucy's wedding!

With the newlyweds.

Fresh new petunias for our front porch.

Hopefully we'll get some hummingbirds this season.

More petunias for the step.

Our back patio, perfect for grilling this summer!

My new reading spot.

Gerber daisies from Landon to celebrate my last day of work.

Fun new spring colors...I'm so excited to wear sundresses all summer long.


Hannah H. said...

Excited to see you back! Love the pictures...and the dress. :)

Kristiana said...

Lovely pictures! Your new condo looks wonderful. :-) Brian and I are moving into a bigger place at the end of the month and we can hardly wait! It will be nice to be able to have space for guests and fun. :-)

Krystal said...

I have missed you!


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