It's ok...

It's ok...

1. To take a break from your day and just listen to music for the love of music.  Here's a good song to daydream to...

2. To be vulnerable with someone.  I find that when I am completely open, honest, and brutally vulnerable with someone I trust, I can get things off my chest and I feel so much better afterwards.

3. To not claim to be a girly girl but still paint your nails hot pink. (I did, and I love them.)

4. To not share every major event of your life for the world to hear....sometimes it's fun to keep secrets from Facebook.

5.  To have "ugly" days...so long as you remember that someone loves you no matter how you feel about yourself and you should think the world of yourself too.
Maybe you'll have fewer "ugly" days if you think about that.

6.  To not be ashamed of singing in the shower.  Belt it out!

7. To ask for extra hot fudge and less ice cream on your sundae...I do almost every time. :)

8.  To take advantage of free food samples at the grocery.  Don't even pretend that you're thinking about buying the advertised product...just walk up, take your sample, and walk away!

9.  To think that automatic car washes are probably one of the most fun things to do.

10.  To spend time with your lover instead of doing the dishes.  Your relationship is more important, and your lover wants to be with you while the dishes could care less.

Have a splendid day friends!  I'm leaving on a week long trip to Denver tomorrow and totally excited!  I plan on taking a boatload of pictures.


Krystal said...

i like that song it's nice and relaxing. and of course all of those things are ok. hope you are doing well!

yellowsocks94 said...

Waow. This is a really beautiful post! Youve made me want to go and get a bath, sit in my pyjamas with a big BUN on my head and not wearing any makeup.... and just listen to music/read/ have me time. :)


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