To Denver and back...

Well I just got back from an 8 day long adventure to Denver.  Wow!  It was beautiful and fun and wonderful all at once.  We spent our time in Denver, then make a stop in our old stomping grounds of Kansas to see friends.  You might not think Kansas is beautiful, but we think so.  :)

Since I am a lazy bum sometimes, I stole these pictures from my sister who is so faithful at documenting with a camera and I took only a few shots with my own.  (Having a large camera can be a pain sometimes, and Hannah's takes great shots without having to mess with taking the lens cap off.)

Some of my favorite moments were:

*Being with all of my siblings at once for the first time in awhile.  Our brothers are really cool guys and we loved hanging out with them.

*Listening to Sirius satellite radio in the rental car...how my honda is jealous.

*Seeing the breathtaking snow-capped mountains.

*Eating pretty sweet asian grub.

*Eating some of the best pizza in the whole world.

*Seeing it snow, hail, rain, sleet, and sunshine all in a few days.

*Hiking to a waterfall with Hannah and asking some potheads for directions to get there.

*Seeing the wheat fields in Kansas that we used to play in.  (We played in fields and ditches as kids, not yards filled with fancy toys thank goodness.)

*Realizing that the best things in life are good and genuine friends who would give anything for you.

Life is been so good.  I have amazing friends and family, and I'm free to travel around and make some awesome memories.  What a summer this shall be!!

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Krystal said...

aww that sounds like an amazing trip, i must say, that area is so so beautiful so i can imagine the pretty mountains!


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