Hot meals here...

Ever since March, I haven't really been in the cooking mood.  But since things are getting easier, I'm finally banging around in the kitchen again.
I usually try to make up a menu for the week so I only have to go shopping once.  This doesn't always happen, but it's nice to try for.
Yesterday I made tikka masala and we had it with some hot naan bread.  It was a bit spicy, but so delicious and easy to make. (Yes, I made it from a jar.)
Landon is a happy camper knowing there will be leftovers for him to take to work and hot meals to eat when he gets home. :)

I started my first editing job this week!  It's been so much fun already...learning how to maneuver through the programs, and working on such beautiful images.  I always get so nervous starting a new job...I'm working on being more confident, but new jobs always seem daunting at first.  Fortunately I have an amazing boss who is so approachable and easy to talk with.  This is a learning process, and I'll only get more comfortable as the days go on.  But I absolutely LOVE this kind of work and I feel so blessed to be able to work from home listening to Sufjan Stevens and munching on almonds.


Hannah H. said...

This looks SO delicious and who cares if it's from a can! - I'd totally come over for a dinner like that. :) Good luck with your first job! You do have an amazing boss and I'm sure you have no reason to be nervous with your amazing talent and mad skills! Glad you're feeling better!

Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Looks great! You guys should come visit India and we'll take you out for some "authentic" Indian food. =) Glad you're feeling ok these days. Praying for you!


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