rain, you can stay...


It's raining so beautifully outside right now.  I don't know why, but rainy mornings are so soothing and relaxing.  I tend to be more thoughtful and stoic on these types of mornings.  Oh what a great day today will be.

We had a wonderful time with our small group last night.  Can I just say that having a group of friends who you can share and talk with is such a blessing!  We've been talking a lot about distractions and how to eliminate them.  One of the couples in our group has cut out TV from their lives and they are loving all of the extra time they have.  Landon and I were talking on the way home about what we can get rid of.  Everyone is always so busy, so on the go, and it's hard to have quiet evenings.  Why do we insist on staying so busy all the time?

I will share a secret with you...Landon and I hardly ever eat supper at our dining room table.  We love watching shows, so inevitably, we find ourselves sitting with our food in front of the TV or computer.  This is a bad habit! :)  I think we are going to make it a goal to eat supper with no entertainment, at our table, so we can talk and focus on each other.

Life is too short to waste on entertainment that we'll forget about in a few years anyway.  Investing in others is more important, and more fulfilling I think.
Have you cut out distractions from your life?  What have you done to give yourself more free time?

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Eileen Rife said...

Interesting I should log on today and read your post.

Yep, we're exactly at this place you speak of right now. Seems we visit this topic of shaving back to more simple pursuits about once a year. Should probably do it more often!


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