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When I found out I was pregnant, I was bound and determined to be as healthy as I could.  I read some great books on nutrition and pregnancy yoga, and got super pumped.  Things started out great...we made a trip to Whole Foods, I was faithful with my morning yoga, and we were continuing to work out at our gym.  Then, around the end of March, I got terrible morning sickness.  And by morning sickness, I mean 24 hour sickness. :)  I never thought it could get as bad as it has for me...I basically stayed in bed for 3 months and my amazing husband cared for me when I couldn't.  We had to make one trip to the ER, I lived in the bathroom some days, I cried a lot, and I lost a considerable amount of weight.  I was so disappointed.

I have realized something about myself...I love to plan out and be in control of a situation.  I make lists, I plan ahead, and I figure things out.  But this experience has completely taken the control away from me and I am being challenged in a way I never thought I could be.  While things haven't quite gone the way I had intended, I am realizing that I am learning so much...about myself, about my husband, and about my family.  I'm pretty sure that pregnancy (and parenthood) are a way to learn self-sacrifice...which I think is a wonderful quality to master.  Landon and I are learning this on a daily basis, and we have become much closer as a result.

Things are finally toning down in the sick-all-day department, and I couldn't be more excited!  I am finally able to start eating the way I want instead of the way my stomach demands, and the nice weather is motivating me to get back into the yoga.

This little bambino is becoming more and more a piece of our lives, and every time I hear the heartbeat with our midwife, I realize how real this is and how amazingly blessed Landon and I are.

(I hope to be posting more frequently...I'm so sorry to have been absent for so long.  I miss you all!)


Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Leah, your comments about planning and wanting to do everything right and then being so totally out of control with the 24-hour sickness sounded SO familiar! You described just how I felt when I was expecting our first. It can be very frustrating and discouraging, I know. I'm so glad you are getting over the sickness though, and I am praying that the rest of your pregnancy is wonderful!

Oh, and you mentioned that you are going to a midwife... is that at a birthing center, or are you planning to deliver at home or in a hospital? If you are interested in my two cents, I had my first two in a hospital with a doctor (because we were in India - I would have gone with a midwife had we been in the States), and my 3rd at home with a midwife. The home birth was BY FAR my favorite. It was a water birth, and SOOO much more relaxed than the others. I would highly recommend it!

We love you guys and are praying for you, and can't wait to see pictures of our new little Rife cousin!

Krystal said...

I am sure that pregnancy will throw me for a loop in that way as well, i'm also a total planner. i'm glad things are settling down for you though - seems like quite the experience!

dear olive said...

Oh lady, you poor thing. Morning sickness is the PITS. Sounds as though you're going to have one happy and healthy baby! Kellie xx

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh that starting point must have been so tough on you love, my gosh i couldn't imagine having the best time of your life accompanied by almost like the worst. you are strong and a huge throbbing heart, Landon truly is one in a mill and so glad he was there for you throughout it all.

you were missed too lades, glad the sickies have (for the most part) passed. many blessings! ♥


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