A bit of this, a bit of that...

What a great last week I've had!  My sister and her husband have moved to an adorable old house in the town where we both went to college.  I went up last week to meet her and see the new place.  We had lunch at one of our favorite college eats called Payne's.  They have the best food and drinks and frozen custard you'll ever try.

I got to use my graphic skills on a design project for a wedding gift Hannah and Jon were giving to their friends that got married on Saturday.  This was one of my favorite projects so far.  Hannah envisioned the antique frame with small wire netting, and I did the design pieces.  Between me, Hannah, and my mom, we figured out how to attach the pieces to the frame.  What great fun we had!

Sunday marked the 17 week point in my pregnancy.  The kiddo is growing! We refer to the kiddo as "he" since we decided not to find out the sex, and I just don't like saying "it."  I think I read that he's about the size of a baked potato.  I crack up at the food analogies each week...a kumquat, a lime, an apple.  Maybe we should call him our potato....

I am just so happy right now.  Reading some great books that are challenging myself, spending more time outside at our pool, enjoying the summer with my amazing husband, learning a lot.  God is good to us.  I am so excited about this weekend because Landon and I are going camping!  We haven't gone yet this year and I'm dying for a quiet few days on a gorgeous lake with our tent.  Summer is the best.


Casey Purdy said...

Ben was wondering if he need to bring Butter and Sour Cream to the baby shower. Hahaha! Have a great time camping, and I'll see you soon.


Cole said...

I love the wedding present! So cute!

Eileen Rife said...

Love your homey articles. Makes me feel warm and welcome at your blog, Leah.

Congratulations on baby Rife!

Sounds like you are wrapping up in the joy of these days!


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