Here's a little photo baby update.  I still have some off days, but overall, the sickness is gone!  Our little buddy is VERY active and moves around so much.  The midwife is convinced he's a boy because of it. :)

Today, my sister is coming to spend the day!  She is planning a super awesome baby shower for my younger crowd of friends this fall and we're doing some fun work on that.  I think we'll go down to Broad Ripple and have lunch at Petit Chou, a beautiful little café with all sorts of fresh dishes.

Have a splendid Monday, friends!


elisabeth said...

you are so tiny!!!
i can't believe you're 24 weeks!

yay for no more morning sickness :)


Bon Bon said...

You are the tiniest mama-to-be:-) Our little guy is constantly kicking me these days, definitely a busy little man, (like his Daddy:-) Isn't it the best feeling ever to get over that darn sickness/nausea? I feel normal again, besides the tiny fists inside me hitting on my bladder!:-) xoxo

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i'm so thrilled for you doll - you positively glow! the baby shower sounds like tons of fun, seems like a darling setting to celebrate in. ♥


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