I am a big fan of simple food dishes, and this lunch has become a favorite.  Today, since I was running errands, I stopped by Whole Foods and got a bit of my favorite tuna lime salad.  When I got home, I added some fresh garden lettuce from my dad's garden, and a fresh tomato from the local produce stand.  Ahhh, what a fresh and delicious meal...and nutritious to beat!

I have our stuff all packed for our extended weekend up in northern Michigan.  We are leaving as soon as Landon gets off of work and we are so excited for some fresh Michigan air, the lakes, the cherries, and relaxation!  This will be the last formal vacation we take before the summer ends, so we will be savoring every minute.  My parents and my sister and her husband will also be up there, which is an added treat.

I love summer and all the fun things we get to do.

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