our weekend...

We just stayed in town this weekend...it was so nice to spend some real one on one time with Landon.  I know these last few weekends are going to fly by, and I'm trying to savor them.

After we saw the morning showing of 50/50, which was one of the best movies I've seen in quite awhile, we ate lunch at Panera (score!), then headed home for a perfect midwest afternoon...real cider, college football, and lounging.  Yes, we know how to relax around here. :)

I also got to finish up a little sewing project I attempted for our new baby.  Here are the instructions I found.  It was so easy...if I could do it, anyone could!

Today, I'm going to finish up a project I'm doing for my boss.  I get to edit this amazing and gorgeous Indian wedding they did.
This job is so wonderful!

Real cider from the orchard where we got ours for our wedding!

This is where I want to be on a Saturday afternoon...

Tommy Rees, our amazing QB!



Anonymous said...

Ok...I must admit...I had to look at the instructions to see it was a "bunny!" It's SO...cute! And, good thing my grandbaby won't have my analytical brain at birth! teehee But be assured I'll be ready to help when it's time for him/her to write the first precis. coolmom84679

Krystal said...

that is a good w/e!! And apple cider? perfect.


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