Thoughts about Birth...


This baby is growing so fast now...I can feel so much movement and it's hard to imagine that in about a month, I'll be holding our baby in my arms.

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of comments about birth and pregnancy...just from here and there.  I'm amazed at all the negative comments people make, about the pain, the process, all that has to be dealt with being pregnant.  I don't understand how a lot of women can be so negative and begrudging of pregnancy and childbirth when it is such an amazing gift and one of the most wondrous miracles in our world.  Yes, I understand that childbirth is going to be painful...trust me, I've heard this over and over and over.  And I'm tired of hearing it.  I'm tired of hearing about all the horrible things that could happen to my body during labor, and all the downsides.  I'm done listening to things like that.

Landon and I have talked many times, and we've  chosen to take a positive approach to this pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  I've been reading from sites like Marvelous Kiddo and A Cup of Jo about beautiful birth stories, and the joys of being a mother.  I also read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth because it was filled with amazing story after story of the miracle of birth.  Not every women I've read about has had a perfect birth experience.  A lot of them dealt with hard pain and circumstances they couldn't control.  But the attitudes they had and demonstrated are so encouraging to me.  My body is designed to carry and grow a baby, and to deliver that baby into this world.  This whole pregnancy thing is normal and natural, and I'm embracing every moment.

This birth is going to be one of the best things in my life, and I can't wait to meet our baby!  I'm trusting that everything is going to be ok, no matter what happens.  We're striving for a natural birth, but if something happens we can't control, I'm not going to lose it.  Landon will be there, family will be thinking of us, and we'll have a wonderful birth team of our midwives and nurses.  I'm preparing to mentally embrace the pain that will come, because I know it's natural and normal.  I'm getting ready to think about all the wonderful things that are going to happen during the birth as our baby enters this world and into our arms.

My aunt, who's throwing a baby shower for me this weekend, has asked me a couple of times how I feel about this pregnancy.  I've been able to tell her that for the most part, things have been good and I can't really complain.  She said she loves hearing that, and that she and her husband LOVE seeing pregnant women who are happy, and not bitter and complaining at the "lot" they've been thrown.  She said a happy pregnant woman is one of the most beautiful things because she has been given such an amazing gift.

I'm holding onto every positive thought I hear, and I'm throwing out all the negative ones.  Those just won't  fly with me.  I wish women would more often share the wonderful thoughts they have on birth with those of us who are going through this for the first time.  I'm so thankful for the friends and family that have done just that with me.  It means more than they know.


Krystal said...

this was a beautiful post - it IS nice to hear someone happy actually!

Alyssa Curfman said...

Wonderful thoughts, Leah! You are such a strong mommy & will forever be so! Continue being happy! You are carrying the most beautiful gift anyone could ever imagine. Thinking of your through this last month!

Blossoming Branches said...

Goodness, I'm behind on my blog reading. Congrats on your expected baby. I'm so thrilled for you :)


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