tea time.


Do you love tea?  I love a warm cup of steaming, smooth tea to calm me down and relax.  We all need a little more relaxation in our lives.
I've loved drinking Tazo Refresh tea lately.

Tonight I'm making lemon chicken, brown rice, and fresh kale for supper.  I've been so hungry lately, and I'm trying to fill up with good things rather than sweets...very difficult sometimes.  Secretly, I can't wait until I'll be breastfeeding because my friends have told me you burn a lot of calories, and you're ravenously hungry all the time.
I love food a lot.

Have a wonderful Monday evening!

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Anna Walker said...

Uhm we are TWINS!
I had Tazo Refresh today and yesterday! I also like a bag of green tea in the mug with my refresh!

Oh and I made lemony chicken tonight as well! :) Wish I had the brown rice and kale, but alas, I had a baked potato! :)



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