birthday boy...

We celebrated Landon's 25th birthday last Saturday and had a wonderful, relaxing time.  We started out the morning with the Rife's traditional birthday breakfast of cherry turnovers and chocolate milk.  I did not wake the poor boy up at the crack of dawn though...he was able to enjoy his Saturday morning sleep.  He was super excited to get his birthday gift from me...a Louisville slugger wooden bat!  He's been wanting one for quite awhile, and now it's resting by his side of the bed in case any bad guys get in. :)

Then, we headed out to our favorite burger place in town for some good eats.  We LOVE the food there!  The fries are just perfect, and the burgers are always superb.  We ended the day with watching a movie at the theater and having brownies for dessert.  I love my husband so very much and I'm so proud of all that he's done with his life.  He is successful, caring, loving, and passionate about living and he's going to make a GREAT dad!

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