movie time!

Tomorrow night, Landon and I are going to head home a bit early for the holidays so we can go see a movie and let Finn hang out with the grandparents.  I'm so excited to go out to the theater since I haven't been since before Finn was born.  Landon and I love going to the movies!


We're seeing the new Sherlock Holmes which looks great!  I love the time period and all the amazing costumes and set design.  I'm especially excited to see Noomi Rapace in the film (I think she is gorgeous!)  We saw her in all three of the original Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo films when they came out, and loved her.  Landon and I have read the books too...if you haven't, you should because they are superb!  Even the real life story surrounding the author and his death is very intriguing.


What did you think of the new hollywood version?  I saw the trailer and it looks alright, but I was a bit biased.  Check out the Swedish trailer.  Ah, but I will probably still see it and compare it to the "real" ones. :)  Tomorrow, though,  it's Sherlock Holmes time and all about the mystery and plotting.  Maybe Landon will buy me some butter popcorn!!

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daniel said...

hey… you're going to the movies tomorrow? Me too!! That's so weird - I'm even seeing Sherlock Holmes. What a co-in-ky-dink! We should totes conserve gas and go together.


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