We had a blast making our Christmas card this year.  Since Finn arrived so close to the holidays, we timed his birth announcement along with our own card.  Here are the ones we sent to friends and family, and also a few extras.

Have a very wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!
See you all in 2012!


Ashley said...

I absolutely LOVED getting this card in the mail. Thanks so much, Leah! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas weekend :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe Leah, what a darling boy he is!!!! so many congrats and huzzahs about his arrival. can't get enough of those adorable snaps, too good is what. wishing you all the joys of the season!

sure has been a while between visits, i seriously don't know how time seems to get shorter as i get older but man alive, 24 hours just whooshes by most days. it's lovely to stop in here though and see what's happening with you. i obvs have missed a bunch of goodness... huge smiles for you two!

many blessings over the holidays and always!!! xo ♥


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