Well, I am officially 26 years old today!  I can't believe it.  It doesn't seem that old to me, but I'm amazed at how quickly this past year flew by.  It was definitely a wonderful 25th year, and I'm excited to enjoy each and every day of my 26th.

Landon surprised me with a candlelit dinner last night.  I walked downstairs after putting Finn to bed and the table was set with flowers, chocolates, a card, and food from my favorite mediterranean restaurant.  I started crying because after some super rough weeks, it was exactly what I needed.  He even watched The Notebook with me...love that movie.  (No judgments please, I like it and that's that.) ;)

Tonight we're going to Starbucks for my free birthday drink!  I love that they do that, right?  And home for some good food and lemon bars! Oh and my all time favorite movie...Groundhog Day!!  Haha, I've watched that every year on my birthday since I was in high school.

I feel so loved today...so many amazing friends and family are in my life!

Here are a few things I'm loving today...

My little cutie boy.

This amazing egg sandwich I found here.



Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day is marvelous :)

Finn is SO precious! I just love him.

And I love the Notebook too, you're not alone :)


kelly said...

I miss you and love you, Leah! I searched for your phone number (somehow lost it when I switched phones) and couldn't find it anywhere)... so I have to go the not-as-personal online route to say happy, happy day! Aren't birthdays so different once you've had a baby... I call my mom to say "thanks" each year. :)


Dionne said...

Happy Birthday, and how sweet of him to prepare a candlelit dinner!


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