happy friday...

Happy Friday everyone!  What are your weekend plans?  Landon and I are headed up to Goshen for a weekend with family and friends.  We're really excited for the color party my boss is throwing tomorrow night!  This year's color is purple!  We are going to get our outfits today....still figuring that one out. :)

My parents are coming today to spend some time with Finn and me.  I love that his grandparents live so close...I had a wonderful relationship with all my grandparents growing up and I'm so glad Finn gets to do the same.

It's a glorious day today!  The sun is out, I'm feeling rested from Finn sleeping 7 hours straight (score!) and I'm getting things done.

Here are some inspiring things from the interwebs that I love...happy weekend!

gotta try these!

If you like Bach and aquariums, check out this neat video.

Check out these awesome underwater photos of dogs chasing balls!

Annnd underwater babies!  I'm signing Finn and myself up for an infant swim class and I'm so excited!


Isn't this a pretty tattoo?


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Michelle said...

Ooo a purple party! That's my favorite party, but maybe a little difficult for an outfit :)

I'm completely DROOLING over that food! Right up my alley!

Have so much fun with your friends and family!



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