*loving our french press now that I know how to use it correctly and we have some decent local coffee.

*making sure I eat a big breakfast, or breakfast at all, so I can have enough energy for the rest of the day.

*listening to the many birds outside our window and sometimes getting annoyed at them...but mostly loving it.

*making Finn laugh by doing the silliest things ever...like singing to him while I'm in the shower and he's sitting in the bouncer, making pig noises, making duck noises...making any high-pitched noise.

*eating meat - we have had steak, steak pitas, steak again, salmon, corned beef, and sausage all in the course of a week...and we're having burgers tonight.

*watching The Big Bang Theory...I love that show.  Amy Farrah Fowler is my fav; maybe it's because I looked like her when I was 11.

*walking with Finn in the woods, walking with Finn to get the mail, walking around Target with Finn to get some tank tops, walking with Finn into Firestone to get the oil changed, walking with Finn to get an iced tea because I'm sweaty from all the walking.

*working on photos like a maniac - getting jobs done for my boss.  I love looking through all the beautiful weddings she does...it's like flipping through a wedding magazine every day at work.

*enjoying this first day of summer spring and wishing the pool was open....in March, no less.

*playing vegas style solitaire on the ipad.  Landon and I have a running game going; we are in the 1000s, folks.

Life is good and we are a happy little family.  Looking forward to a good week.


Michelle said...

Ooo, I've been wanting a french press! My husband and I have been obsessed with The Big Bang Theory lately. It's SO funny, and I agree about Amy Farrah Fowler. Hysterical.

Mmmm steak...I'm starving!

Janie aka your boss lol :) said...

i love you.


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