Project Simplify: Pantry/Kitchen

Whew!  Last week was so crazy!  We hosted small group at our house, so I got the motivation I needed to do cleaning and organizing.  I basically deep spring cleaned the living room, dining room, and kitchen/pantry since we had guests...and it needed it badly. :)

I finally finished the pantry this afternoon.  Nothing like cutting it close, as the next challenge at Simple Mom is starting tomorrow.

Here are my before and after photos of the pantry.  I had really gotten this area in tip top shape the weekend before Finn was born, so it didn't need a ton of work.  But again, it's amazing how quickly things get out of hand.  It looks a whole lot better now, and I can keep track of all the things we have or need more easily.

Well I hope you enjoy this beautiful, amazing, gorgeous day!!  Can I just say how much I love this warmer weather and the bright sun?  It feels so good to keep the windows open all night long.  Tonight we're having corned beef and cabbage as we didn't yesterday...but we did have green mint mojitos at my sister's and they were delish.
Happy Sunday!!

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