I can tell today is going to be a good day!  I get to see my sister and brother-in-law, my dad and my mom, and go on an outing with Finn.  Also, my sister is going to have a baby this summer and I am constantly excited about that.  Finn and his sweet little cousin are going to be the best of friends, I'm sure.

I read something the other day about choosing to respond with joy to every situation.  To respond with joy to joyous things, and to respond to anger and frustration with gentleness and patience.  This is proving very useful with Finn.  He's not old enough to understand or communicate his frustrations in any other way than crying, and it can be so tough sometimes.  Yesterday, Landon and I went out for a run and took Finn in his stroller.  The last time we went, he slept the entire time and basically was a sweet little angel.  But last night, we made it 1.5 miles, and he started flipping out.  We had to turn around and go back.  He cried the whole time, unless we picked him up and walked with him.  So our run turned into running with a crying baby, stopping to pick him up, then walking, then trying the stroller again, walking.

It's really comical to think about now, although last night I was really frustrated.  But I keep mulling over the situation and what happened and how I responded.  Sometimes I feel like a terrible mama.  I talked with my own mom about it and she said, "Well, tomorrow's a new day."  That's so true!  Every day, I get a new chance to work on my own attitudes and practice patience and gentleness with Finn.  God has given me so much grace these past few months.

I'm not perfect, and no mother is, and there's beauty in imperfection and in the daily process of choosing a good attitude over a bad one.  There's beauty in learning and working at being a good example for your precious child who watches your every move.  A happy and good attitude is a choice we all have.
Today, I choose joy and gentleness.

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