our little man who is almost 5 months can sit up (when we prop him up) on his own! he lasts only a few seconds before plopping over, but we can tell he loves it so much.  sweet boy.

in other news...sorry for the long absence.  once you have a child, or if you already do, you realize how your life is prioritized differently...which is a good thing for me.

* i just purchased a new camera this week and have love playing around with it! it's a nikon d5100 and i'm dying to explore the video capability as well as playing with shooting in manual as encouraged by my boss who is a pro at this stuff.

*we've had some weird weather including warm and freezing, but we manage to get out for walks and runs here and there.

*landon and i had a "planning meeting" a couple nights ago.  a first for us as a couple, long overdue i'm sure.  we talked and dreamed and planned for our near future including a few fun vacations and deciding what to do after our lease is up next march.

*ditched Starbucks as our outing place and switched to Panera instead. cheaper, far better coffee in my opinion, and come on, they have asiago cheese bagels! :)

*helped our church move to a new location.  a sweet new place with room to grow.

we are enjoying this spring time together as a little family.

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Anonymous said...

Aw...cherish these moments with Finn! Before you know it, it will be rolling, crawling, pulling up, walking, running...and next comes asking for the car keys! Love you all!


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