French Bridal Shower!

I'm getting over a nasty cold which kept me in bed for a couple days.  Can I just say how much I appreciate my husband...hot soup, hot lemon honey tea, fresh flowers, and many diaper changes for a fussy baby boy.  Feeling much better today, and focused on laundry and finishing up a wedding job this week.

Over the weekend, I helped my sister as she threw the most incredible french bridal shower for her sister-in-law.  Hannah, my sister, is a genius at planning and designing parties.  She's done many showers and she cares so much about even the tiniest details.  Her parties are always a big hit and so unique and amazing!  (Also, she is expecting and is so adorable with her baby bump!!  Excited aunt right here!)

Hannah thought of everything from the cheese varieties,  authentic French Macarons (totally different than macaroons) homemade butter spreads, and hand-crafted french onion soup stuffed mushrooms!  Gah, it was as mouthwatering as it sounds! :)

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  I also snagged a couple of the happy couple after the festivities were over.  What a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

Amazing daughters of mine...great party...great pics...I love you both soooo much! coolmom84679

stace said...

What a beautiful celebration it must have been. Such lovely images.


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