lazy days...

Lately, Finn and I have spent a lot of time outside on our porch chilling and (me) eating homemade fruit popsicles.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous these days, and we are drinking it all in.  Tomorrow it's going to get up to 90 though, so we'll be heading for the pool for sure!
I'm so excited for Finn's first swim!
We are staying home this weekend for a lazy couple of days...then we're out of town every weekend except one until the second week in July!! Crazy, but we love making the most of our summers. :)

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Anonymous said...

Go Notre Dame! You've got it, Finn! Wish we could see the look on your face when your Mama puts you into that cold pool water tomorrow! :-) But Gramps & I are enjoying Central Europe. Just got to Vienna. Love, hugs, & kisses, Finn! ~Grammie


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